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Shape the future of your business with blockchain!

Introducing Idealex, the secure and transparent blockchain platform making financial investments accessible to all.


Welcome to the IdealExperience

Idealex Opportunity

Innovative Financial Control for Everybody

Idealex is built on the world's best cloud-based infrastructure and partners with 60+ global corporations, ensuring a first-rate service and experience.
Idealex Opportunity

Your Secure and Transparent Platform

We’ve made Idealex super secure and fully transparent, so you can enjoy financial freedom with clear understanding and confidence
Idealex Opportunity

Consistent Hight Quality Service that You Deserve

Our mission is to provide a service that exceeds your expectations, making your experience a pleasure. We’re always listening to how we could improve too.

One Platform With a
World of Opportunities

Idealex Exchange
Idealex Pay
Idealex Fund

Trade with More Choice
and the Best Prices

Easily trade stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies from over 30 different marketplaces. While you transact, idealExchange is committed to finding you the best price and  lowest fees out there.
Safely store your assets in omnibus or segregated hot and cold wallets, insured by via  Lloyd’s of London.
Convert local currency into USD with no fees.
Best price and price locking – prices fixed for 15 seconds on each trade to give you a stable and viable trading experience.
Use Crypto to Boost Earnings
Earn yield on all the assets stored in your idealEarn wallet. Save time and energy making money. It’s that easy.
Better interest than the banks – easy to make 6% returns on your USD coin and stablecoin assets.
No locking – make deposits or withdrawals whenever you want.
Simple and secure way to grow your earnings, and all fund.
Send and Move Money Easily
idealPay makes it quick and easy to make daily transactions such as payments for goods or bills, and domestic or international money transfers.
Save time and energy on daily transactions.
Simple to send money anywhere in the world.
Manage transactions without the fees.
A New Way to Invest
Not sure what cryptos or stocks to buy? Invest in idealFund’s off-the-peg baskets, ranging from low to high risk and managed for you by our expert investors.
Discover funds that match your risk appetite.
Invest in funds categorized by industry.
Review past performances of funds at a glance.

Personal or Business Finance?
We’re With You!

Whether you’re looking for personal or business financial
control, Idealex is the platform to open the door for you.
Increased Financial Inclusion
Access to Modern Financial Instruments
Accessible Asset Management
Payments and Money Transfers


What is Idealex Exchange?
What is the minimum deposit to open an account at Idealex?
Can I deposit by credit card?
Can I transfer my assets from other cryptocurrency exchanges?
What is Two-Factor Authentication?
How long does it take for cryptocurrency trades to settle?
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Take Idealex with you
Wherever you go

Download the easy-to-use Idealex app from the App Store or Google Play. It’s an intuitive way for you to stay connected to your finances 24/7

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